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“1 Ticket, 2 Chances” From Development Lotteries

“1 Ticket, 2 Chances” From Development Lotteries


Development Lotteries, which continuously introduces new promotions to reward consumers, has launched its latest promotion – ‘1 Ticket, 2 Chances’.

Under this promotion, in addition to the millions worth of cash prizes in the main draw, there is an opportunity to also win many cash prizes in the second draw. 

The second draw will be held using the balls remaining in the lucky draw machine after the first draw to select the winning numbers. So you get a second chance to get lucky! You can win cash prizes of Rs. 20, Rs.500. Rs. 25,000 and Rs, 50,000.

The Development Lotteries Board is the only lottery organization that offers consumers more and more chances to get lucky with cash prizes with its brands, Saturday Fortune, Lagna Wasanawa, Kotipathi Shanida, Jayoda, Super Ball, Galaxy Star, Niyatha Jaya, Dasa Lakshapathi and Development Fortune. This promotion to offer a second chance to buyers of all these brands is planned to be implemented from July 1, 2017.

The Development Lotteries Board requests all consumers to purchase more and more tickets with the ‘1 Ticket, 2 Chances’ logo and increase their chances of winning.

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